About CRG

Pic:The Communication Research Group Archives IconCRG – the Communications Research Group – is led by  Chartered Psychologist Dr Guy Cumberbatch, a pre-eminent expert in media psychology for over three decades. We specialise in the analysis of communications media (both content and impact) using methodologies from psychological, social and market research.

CRG‘s work has been commissioned by broadcasters (such as BBC, Channel 4) and regulators (such as Ofcom, The Council of Europe, BBFC) and regularly provides evidence witness evidence in legal prosecutions – a number of which have been test cases involving books, music and video games. Our expertise ranges from the design of problem solving experiments and of bench mark public opinion surveys through to the exploratory probing of issues using in-depth interviews and focus groups. We are particularly well-known for our content analysis work which has been used extensively to examine patterns, both quantitatively and qualitatively, in television programming , advertising, films and print media. Our work has looked at:

  • Media portrayal of people from minority groups in television, radio and advertisements (Women, LGBT, BAME, People with disabilities)
  • Quality, breadth and depth of news coverage on television and radio
  • Health-related behaviours on television
  • Sex, nudity, violence and bad language on television
  • Crime news reporting on television and radio
  • Prominence and representation of commercial products on terrestrial and digital television
  • Representation of sponsorship in sports programmes across terrestrial channel

CRG Technology hosts a wide range of audio and video recording and copying facilities to and from any format with optional analogue or digital enhancement to clean recordings. Equipment includes 24 track Ampex logging recorders

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