Pic: Contact icon for CRG - The Communications Research GroupHere are some links to organizations – broadcasters, regulators, government bodies, NGOs etc – many of which have been CRG clients:

  • Age UK – the UK’s largest organisation working with and for older people.
  • BBC – the British Broadcasting Corporation is publicly funded and provides entertainment, education and information for television viewers and radio listeners at home and abroad.
  • BBFC – the British Board of Film Classification –  is an independent body which was originally established by the film industry in 1912. It is responsible for the classification of films released in this country.
  • Channel 4 – was created by Act of Parliament in 1982 as a commercial channel.
  • CDN  – the Creative Diversity Network – focusses on working with its member broadcasters on models of good practice, including modernising the portrayal of ethnic minorities in television programming.
  • Equality and Human Rights Commission –  is a publicly funded and non-governmental body.  It was set up under the Race Relations Act 1976 to confront racial and gender discrimination and to promote racial and gender equality.
  • European Leisure Software Publishers Association – ELSPA was founded in 1989 for the British computer and video games industry.
  • Five – the newest of the commercial terrestrial channels, Channel 5 was launched in 1997 and re-branded as Five in September 2002.
  • ITV – is the biggest commercial television network in the UK.
  • NICE – with an aim of improving people’s health and reducing health inequalities, NICE gathers evidence and produces advice for policy makers, professionals and practitioners.
  • Ofcom – was established in December 2003 when the Broadcasting Standards Commission (BSC) and the Independent Television Commission (ITC) merged to form one centralised regulatory body.  It has responsibilities for the UK communications industries and across television, radio, telecommunications and wireless communications services.
  • United Kingdom’s Disabled People’s Council – this is the UK’s national organisation of the worldwide Disabled People’s Movement.  It was set up in 1981 by disabled people to promote equality and participation in UK society. Also try the government’s website at
  • Video Standards Council – the VSC was established in 1989 to develop and administer a Code of Practice to promote high standards and responsibility within the video industry.

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